Who we are

We are tour guides, writers, photographers: storytellers all. Most of all we are observers of the world around us. It is only by watching that we can learn and only by listening that we can understand. When we tell you our stories, this is our life’s work.

Tour NW was founded by Sarah Gilbert and Edwin Skaug; we do not do this or anything alone. 

This is part of the adventure

Maybe we want to live forever: we haven’t seen everything yet. Even the places we see nearly every day, we can’t help but be excited to see again (and again and again). Everything changes, subtly or wildly. And we want to be there when the ice freezes over the devil’s club branches, or the fog lies thick in the river like meringue, or the coyote lurks in the shadows by the railroad tracks, or the salmon start running, or the sun shines so hot we can smell the licorice fern all the way across the road. Will you come with us? 

What story do you have to tell us?

Everyone we meet has a story, and if we are very lucky, we get to learn it. Do you have a story to tell us about the northwest? Do you want to hear what we have to say?

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